An addictive learner, Idealistic and stuborn person sometimes.

As a programmer and information engineer I consider myself an idealistic person. I think it is because engineers and programmers need to get somehing to work exactly in the way that they are suppose to. On one hand I personally think it has a good side which is that you can approach objective problems in the most accurate way in order to solve them, however, on the other hand there is a bad side because it makes you be too “sqared” which sometimes do not help you in humman interactions. The explanation is pretty simple. Hummans beings are humman being not computers or algoritms.

You might think at this point that being a learner, an stuborn person and idealistic do not match at all. However, When I realize I don’t have enough argumments to support something or I identify an opportunity to learn something new I open my mind as much as I can in order to learn or improve my arguments.

I think you need to be stuborn in some situations. Otherwise you will not be able to reach your goals or strongly keep your knowledge.

For example:

To set a simple but powerful example of a stuborn and idealistic person, I will mix freedom as a humman being with what I am doing

  • I personally think that freedom is about being happy.
  • Happiness is about doing whatever makes you feel good.
  • I love to be the god of my own creations and other’s creations too.
  • Being a programmer, an engineer and a linux user allows me that.
  • So it makes me happy.
  • I can modify pretty much everything I want and make it become whatever I want.

```javascript function happinessAdvice(doingWhatMakesMeHappy){ var success = “”; if(doingWhatMakesMeHappy == ‘true’){ success = ‘true, keep doing whatever you are doing and improve it’; }else{ success = ‘change your way of thinking, look for whatever makes you feel really good and run this function again’; } return alert(success); }


``` When tou call that function (happinesAdvice) with ‘true’ as a parammeter (which is the answer to the question: Are you doing whatever makes you feel happy?) its output is going to be an alert window with this message: ‘true, keep doing whatever you are doing and improve it’

Some topics you might find in this Vlogg

  • Programming.
  • Filosophy.
  • Opinion.
  • Politics.

I hope you enjoy my world in this corner of the Internet.

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